We offer Orton Gillingham reading tutoring for elementary age children. Orton Gillingham is an intensive phonics-based multi-sensory system that is effective for all children, but it’s especially beneficial to children with dyslexia.

The tutoring is provided by Greg Brown. He has 13 years of teaching experience. For four years he taught special education, and he used Orton Gillingham as his primary reading intervention. He’s clocked over 1000 hours worth of Orton Gillingham instruction, and he has completed over 35 hours worth of training through the Institute of Multi-Sensory Education. He also holds a masters degree in special education. He currently teaches 3rd grade at Forest Park Elementary. As a 3rd grade teacher he earned himself the Teacher of the Year Award from the Portland Council PTA.

Tutoring sessions are one hour long, and the rate is $50 per hour.

If you are interested in tutoring, please contact Greg Brown at

*There is a PPS policy the forbids teachers to tutor children who attend the school in which they teach, so Greg is unable to tutor children who attend Forest Park Elementary.