Sleeping Arrangements

  • We will rent four suites. Each suite sleeps eight. Two suites will be for boys, and two suites will be for girls. 

  • Each suite has a private bedroom.  Each adult will be staying in one of the private bedrooms. The kids will be sleeping in the common area. In the common areas there are two queen beds and couch that folds out to a full sized bed. Children can double up in beds, or they can sleep on a rollaway bed if they prefer.  


  • Children will bring a lunch for Wednesday.

  • We’ll buy them pizza Wednesday night.

  • On Thursday morning we’ll have cereal and fruit.

  • For Thursday’s lunch, we’ll get some fast food off site.

Spending Money

  • Children don't need to bring money for food. We'll cover that. However, if they want, children can bring some spending money for the arcade or gift shop. Please don't send more than $20.


  • Children who are going into 3rd grade will stay with adults while in the water park. Older kids can go off on their own, but they will stay in groups.

  • Children will wear their camp shirts in the water, so staff can more easily keep track of everyone.

  • While we are not in the water park, children will be with adults.

What to Bring

  • Swimsuit

  • Camp Shirt (If your child doesn't already have a shirt, one will be be provided.)

  • Pajamas

  • Flip Flops or Slides

  • Goggle (optional)

  • Change of Clothes

  • $20 Spending Money (optional)

  • Tooth Brush and Toothpaste

  • A Book to help to Unwind at Bedtime.

What to Leave at Home

  • Towel (Great Wolf Lodge supplies towels)

  • Electronics (a phone is ok, but they will only be used for calls home if needed)