Details and Policies for Summer Camp in NW                                 


  • Camp starts on the week of June 17. It ends on the week of July 29. There is no camp on the week of July 1.

  • Camp starts at 9:00 and camp ends at 4:00.


Age of Campers

  • Most weeks are for children who will be going into 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.

  • The last week of camp features an overnight trip to Great Wolf Lodge. Because there’s an overnight trip, we will not accept campers going into 2nd grade.

Pick Up / Drop Off @ Forest Park Elementary

  • Pick up and drop off will be at the back of the school. There is a separate entrance and parking lot in the back. There's a sign at the back parking lot that says, "Forest Heights Park."

  • From 8:50-9:00, a staff member will be outside by the play-structure to supervise children who come a little early. At that time, you can sign your child in.

  • At 9:00, we will all go inside. Campers arriving at 9:00 or after should be signed in upstairs in room 203.

  •  If your child is walking to camp without a parent/guardian, then your child will be responsible for signing in.

  • Pick up will be between 3:45 - 4:00. It will be outside in the back of the school. You don't need to sign your child out, but please make sure that you make eye contact with staff before picking up your child. A simple wave from your car will suffice.

Field Trips

  • There will be field trips on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except for the last week of camp in which there is an overnight trip.

  • Most trips involve swimming.


  • We use school buses for field trips.

Number of Campers

  • Camps are capped at 30 campers.


  • Our staff members are all certified teachers, have current background checks, and have first-aid / cpr training.

  • We also will have a lifeguard who will accompany us to Blue Lake Park.

  • There will be one or two teenage volunteers on all trips.  

What to Bring Everyday

  • Lunch, a Morning Snack, and an Afternoon Snack

  • Water Bottle

  • Sunscreen (optional)

  • Goggles on Swim Days (optional)

  • Swimsuit on Swim Days

  • Camp Shirt on Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Backpack

  • Towel

  • Plastic Bag for Wet Belongings

What to Leave at Home

  • Money (Even though there are concession stands at most of the places we'll go, we don't want children buying anything. It creates a lot of problems.)

  • Phones (If your child needs a phone to coordinate after camp plans or rides, that's ok. However, it should stay in his or her backpack.)

Camp Shirts

  • On Tuesday campers will receive their camp shirt. 

  • Matching shirts make it easier for staff to keep track of children, so the shirts will be worn for the duration of all field trips.

  • The shirts will be worn while swimming. They are a lightweight, quick-drying material.

  • Please make sure that your child wears their shirt on every field trip day. Field trip days are usually Tuesday and Thursday.

Swim Safety at Wilson Pool and Sellwood Pool

  • Both pools have a shallow end and a deep end. In order for children to swim in the deep pool, they must be able to do a crawl stroke for the length of the pool (25 meters). We'll make sure all kids are tested before they swim in deep water.

  • Children under 48 inches will be within arms length of adults or teenage volunteers while swimming.

  • Lifejackets are available at these pools. If you want your child to wear one, let us know.

  • Kids will always be with an adult or peer in locker rooms.

Swim Safety at Blue Lake Park

  • We will have our own private lifeguard who will accompany us.

  • There is a very safe and shallow swim area that is cordoned off. The deepest part of the swim area is about 2.5 feet. Staff and volunteers will stand in a perimeter that children must stay inside. 

  • There are not lifejackets at Blue Lake. Feel free to send one with your child.

Sun Safety

  • We advise you to apply sunscreen to your child before camp.

  • If your child brings his or her own sunscreen, we will make sure that they reapply it after lunch. Spray sunscreen is the easiest to manage.

  • Staff will not apply sunscreen to children. However, children can help one another apply sunscreen.

Great Wolf Lodge Information

Medication Administration

  • If your child requires medication during camp, please mention that on the registration form.

  • A form will be provided to you to authorize Activate Camp LLC to administer medication.

  • Medications must be in the original container, and you must only give us the required amount.

  • Children may not be in possession of any medication, prescribed or unprescribed. 


  • If a child's behavior is unsafe, extremely disruptive, or defiant; they will be sent home and they may not come back to camp for the remainder of the summer. A prorated refund will be given.

  • If a child teases or name calls, then an incident report will be written and staff will contact the child's parent/guardian. If it happens a second time, we will document it again and make contact with the child's parent/guardian. If it happens a third time, they will be sent home and they may not come back to camp for the remainder of the summer. A prorated refund will be given.


  • We grant full refund for cancellations if the request is made 21 days before your child's first day of camp. Otherwise you will be charged a $50 fee to cancel. Refunds won't be granted once your child's session has started.