Details and Policies


  • Existing clients have access to the online booking system. Clients should only book times that have been prearranged.

  • On the last week of the week of the month, we will open up booking for the next month. We will inform clients via email that the month is open.

  • If you know in advanced that you will have a conflict at your prearranged time, just don’t book that time. We might have some flexibility in our schedule, so we might be able to reschedule the session at another time.


  • If clients need to cancel, they should use the booking app. A full refund will be granted.

  • If cancelations become very frequent, we might discontinue services.


  • Option 1: Clients can pay using the online booking system. When this system is used, clients have two options: pay for all of the booked sessions or pay for none of them.

  • Option 2: Clients can pay with a credit card after their appointment.

  • Option 3: Client can pay with a check made out to ‘Activate Camp LLC.’