Greg Brown

Greg is originally from the Boston area. He studied media arts at Emerson College and focused in audio production, film, video, photography, and design. After college, he immersed himself in the local Boston music scene. He played in a band, worked as a sound engineer, and sold audio equipment.

Eventually he decided to go back to school to become a special education teacher. After completing his masters program, he moved to Portland and started his teaching career. He taught as a special ed teacher for several years, and then he became a classroom teacher.

He has operated a few arts enrichment programs over the years. He currently owns and operates  Activate Day Camp, and in the late summer of 2018, he opened Activate Studio with the goal of offering arts and technology enrichment year-round.

Greg also is passionate about literacy instruction, so Activate Studio also offers high quality, multi-sensory, and systematic literacy instruction for students with dyslexia and other struggling readers and writers.

He strongly believes that children should be allotted lots of freedom, space, time, resources, and inspiration to be creative.

When he's not teaching or running camps, he records music under the name gbtn. He also enjoys hiking, watching the Blazers, swimming, cycling, and reading about radical approaches to education.

Shannon McClure

Shannon McClure is an experienced K-12 art teacher, classroom teacher, and assistant principal. Shannon now works with the Regional Arts and Culture Council coaching teachers on how to bring art into their classrooms.

They have a background as a gallery curator and visual artist as well, focusing on clay as a medium in their home studio.

Youth advocacy is a passion, and Shannon has worked with organizations such as Portland Art Museum, SMYRC, and Process Work Institute in creating opportunities for young people to be creative and thrive.